Philosophy of D. D. Vispute School of Nursing

We, the faculty at D. D. VISPUTE SCHOOL OF NURSING believe that caring for human being is basic responsibility of a professional Nurse. We believe that each individual is and is health care professionals we are Obligated to provide holistic care.
It is our belief that holistic nursing is dependent quality nursing based on sound educational principles. We recognize formal education as the foundation for practice of professional nursing.
Education is a change in behavior, which best occurs in an organized environment promoting problem solving approach. It is enhanced by incorporating knowledge from the Medical Health, Behavioral, Biological and Physical Science in the context of a sequentially planned. organized curriculum and conductive.

Physical facility for learning

We recognize that the nature of nursing is such that a substantial portion of students learning is acquired in clinical area it is independent with allied profession and maintain standards in nursing.

We believe in the individuality of each students. We accept that each individual varies in capabilities. interest. cognitive abilities and skills.

Therefore, we accept that teachers have the responsibility to provide for continued development of each students as on individual as well as a nurse.

We accept our responsibilities in guiding students to develop pride in upholding promoting the nursing profession.